Who Popped My Cork Part One


pop my cork
Who popped my cork?

How pop music influenced who I am.

Part One

How can I resist ya?

Sitting on the muted green coloured carpet with my legs crossed, my face was inches away from the television screen.  All that was on the screen was a static test pattern.  I was mesmerised.

My dad approached the television, reached over me and placed his hand on the dial, attempting to change the channel.  Hearing my scream of protest, he swiftly withdrew his hand from the dial.  Baffled at my outburst he asked why I was watching a screen with a test pattern on it.  I replied that it wasn’t the screen I was watching.  I was listening to the music being played.

I hadn’t heard it before.  It drew me in.  The music and the voices, nursey rhyme like but more to it.  A pulsating beat and angel like voices.  The sound was like Christmas morning seeing a bright shiny bike next to the Christmas tree.

I was enraptured and captivated at what I was hearing.  I’d never been interested in music very much previously.  A whole new dimension was about to be added to my life.  These sounds were about to shape the story of my life.

From that day I could never have imagined that integral parts of my future would be formed around what I was hearing.  Those sounds were going to help define me.  They would be with me from my childhood through my teenage years and into adulthood and eventually, the grave.  Mamma Mia – ABBA.


ABBA – Mamma Mia.  They were the first to pop my cork and shape my life.


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