Who Popped My Cork Part Four

How pop music influenced who I am.

Part Four

‘Do you wanna see me down on my knees.’

Lying in bed in the dark fiddling with a knob, suddenly I take my hand off it.  I feel a prick in my ears which shoots over my body.  Overcome with endorphins I feel a sudden need to ejaculate, (to utter suddenly and briefly; exclaim.  What were you thinking!!)  Bright, energetic, bubbly, high-energy dance music enlightens my ears through the headphones.  The sound travels between each of my ears in clean, crisp, clear FM stereo.

What is this new sound I’m hearing I wonder?  I feel something inside me click and connect with the sounds and the voices.  My first time hearing dance music on the newly created FM Stereo network.  I push down the Play and Record buttons simultaneously to capture this sound on cassette.  I try to be selective as to which songs I record as the blank cassette is nearly full.

I hear extended dance versions of a few songs I am vaguely familiar with in the shorter version format.  This nearly sends me over the edge.  I hear extra verses and different arrangements.  New musical sounds pop and crackle like a coffee peculator.  I’m drawn to it like it’s a big shiny disco ball (not that I’d ever seen one yet).  After a song I later learn to be Hazel Dean’s Jealous Love another song is mixed into it.  This one is a standout for me.  The vocals are sexy, urgent, pleading, the music has me wanting to dance in the sheets.  I’ve never heard anything like it before.  A few weeks later I discover that the track was called Burning Up by a girl named Madonna.

madonna and me.
Madonna and me

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